Allen Kopp, Seascape

Craig Wallwork, The Girl in the Balloon

Chris Deal, Pursuit

Elle Pryor, An Angel Aquarium

Peter McMillan, Carpe Diem

William Cryer, Variation on Memory and Desire 

Jeffrey Carl Jefferis, Weirdness of Foot 

Stephen Jarrell Williams
Seeing Through It  

Rachel Lieberman, The Doll

Robert John Miller, A Metamorphosis 

Richard Bell, Pillar on the Isle 

Ben Ellentuck, They've Been Taking Things Apart

Fariel Shafee
Being and Nothingness
The Prussian Flower
That Day    

Rebecca Huggins
A Weekend Home
The Loneliest Boy in the Middle of the Ocean

Chris G. Vaillancourt, Crying at the Window, I See You There  

Chris Castle 

Donal Mahoney
Prior to Conception

Mike Berger, The Thing 

Jill Okpalugo-Nwajiaku
Eating Pepper Soup
The Wristwatch  

Ann Cro
The Motel 
The Painting

Conan Young, The More Things Stay the Same

Kenneth Radu, Earthbound

Michael C. Keith, A Once a Year Ride in the Desert 

M.J. Neary
My Salieri Complex 
Mocking the Fires
Lady In Yellow Chiffon

Dena Daw, Breakable

Amanda Paul, To Do  

Beaulah Pragg, The Jacket with Wings

Bruce Memblatt, An Impression of a Life

Jack Frey, Bread 

Judith Stanley, Running Boy  


Zimeleea, Magia Gandului

Marisabel Munoz
, Sky Dragons

Natasha N. Sova
A Wise Old Owl
An Incantation

Bianca Lucchesi
That Old Frog Story
Bubble Pop Electric

Laura Tolton, Jungle Crossing

Jenny Li, Lifeglass

Alex Pelayo, Iguales

Jeremiah Morelli
Ocean Cave
The Ladder

Romina Pallota
I Want to be a Giant

Pebbles, The Trees are Calling  

Anna Majboroda
Please Take the Orchard

Marissa Smith
Boatswain's Call
And We'll Be Like Brothers  

Berk Ozturk, The Puppet Master 

When Dreams Are Given Away
Dying from Inside 

Julia Maranto
The Red Balloon
Bird People 

Chris Young
The Puppet Man 

Jim Fuess

Anita Olsen
Keeper of Scrolls
I've Been Waiting

Anna  Tkacheva 
White Birds     

Walker Huggins
Wood Witch   

Do Not Go to the Woods Tonight
Mother Nature 

Miki Sato, Wish to Meet You Soon 

Zuzanna Roszkowska
Liquid Slavery 
Know the Difference

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